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Bins and Containers



Intersteel has been manufacturing custom containers for over 20 years. Our focus is on waste, scrap, and recycling containers and containers of any size. From small self dumping containers to the largest possible capacity roll off containers, we can make anything! Our commitment to a long lasting, quality products has put us at the forefront of custom container manufacturing. We can ensure a product that will outlast the rest.

Centrally Located for

Incredible reach across North America

Centrally located in Southern Manitoba, we are in the perfect place to serve all of Canada and the United States. We have products stretching from the East Coast of Canada and through the prairies. Our central location not only within Canada, but within North America gives us incredible reach throughout the continent. Our production facility is located 30 minutes from the USA border, providing us with a logistical advantage for our American clients.

Serving any industry:

Oil & Gas, Mining, Recycling

using creative solutions

Our containers serve many industries including waste and recycling, as well as oil and gas, and mining operations. Within these industries our products handle a wide variety of applications from material collection, to transportation of materials, down to storage and much more. Our standard containers can be customized well beyond what may be considered “normal”. We are creative problem solvers and are ready to work with you to create a solution for you.

Our services go beyond manufacturing

Refurbishing Bins & Containers

Anyones, not just our own!

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on OEM parts and products!

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