Self Dumping Hopper

Self Dumping Hoppers

Intersteel self dumping hoppers are perfect for a variety of applications. Ideal for manufacturers and carpenters to collect scrap from various workstations. Oil and gas as well as mining operations can move small volumes of substrates and product as well as clean up operations. The applications for self dumping hoppers are endless. The containers are all equipped with our tilt system and are available with optional plastic or steel lids. Can be moved using base mounted casters or by forklift. All self dumping hoppers are finished with non-lift primer and a double coat of paint.

Listed dimensions are standard, however all containers can be custom made according to your specifications.

  • 1/2cu-yd – 46”L x 41”W x 32”H
  • 3/4cu-yd – 55”L x 41”W x 36”H
  • 1cu-yd – 64”L x 41”W x 43”H
  • 1.5cu-yd – 64”L x 54”W x 43”H
  • 2cu-yd – 64”L x 65”W x 43”H
  • 3cu-yd – 77”L x 66”W x 60”H
  • 4cu-yd – 77”L x 66”w x 65”H

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