Any container, any size

Intersteel has a high investment in our facilities, we have all of the internal capabilities needed to complete any scale of project you may have. Our biggest capability comes in the form of our experienced production team. The attention to detail and skill set includes the complete fabrication of our products including:




custom bending




plus more

+ More

We are equipped to build

The biggest bins & containers

that can be transported
Intersteel bin
Need something outside of the ordinary? We’re ready to tackle your projects

When you come to Intersteel, you won’t find anything out of the ordinary. Our equipment is what you would find in almost any metal fabrication business. What you will find however are people who are highly skilled in their craft and have been dedicated Intersteel team members for over 15 years. You will find a training program that ensures the successful integration of new team members, ensuring your products are consistently the same Intersteel quality you know and trust.

Anyone can have the right equipment, but not just anyone can build the right team. With Intersteel, it’s not just another capabilities.

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